If you’ve got a question about Promised Land Dairy, you’re in the right place. Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding Promised Land Dairy and our products. If your question isn’t answered here in the FAQ, don’t worry! Submit your question on our Talk to Us page and we’ll get you an answer as quickly as we can.

Are You Kosher Certified?

Yes! All our products meet the rigorous kosher standards and adhere to strict dietary rules and production standards. Each has been certified by a rabbi and contains zero nonkosher additives, such as meat products or derivatives.

What Do You Feed Your Jersey Cows?

Along with rich, natural grasses, we feed them a mix of feeds and grains (like soy beans, beet pulp and molasses, to name a few). This balance maintains the health and well-being of our cows and ensures they receive vital nutrients, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. These feeds may contain corn or corn by-products. However, the milk our Jerseys produce never contains artificial hormones or antibiotics. And you can be assured that the health and welfare of our herd is top priority. We love these ladies!

Are You Certified Organic? Why Not?

Promised Land Dairy products are all natural and have been gluten-free since 2006. However, we cannot label our products certified organic by law. It’s because a portion of our Jersey cows’ supplemental feed—which is necessary to provide the nutrients, protein, vitamins and carbohydrates a working cow needs—is not widely available in certified organic this far south. As organic feed becomes more plentiful, we plan to work with our farmers on the opportunity for organic certification. Rest assured, our farmers use the highest standards of care and humane treatment of our animals. After all, a happy healthy cow produces the best-tasting, most nutritious milk.

Is Promised Land Dairy Ultra-Pasteurized? Why Not?

Promised Land milks are not ultra-pasteurized. While ultra-pasteurization extends shelf life, the extreme heat during the process also changes the consistency of the milk and richness of flavor, and reduces its natural vitamins and minerals. Ultra-pasteurization allows for longer distribution routes, but it’s not as fresh when it hits store shelves. Instead, we pasteurize ours at lower temperatures, for shorter time than ultra-pasteurized products, to ensure our milk maintains its thick, rich, creamy taste, yet still offers a good shelf life. We work hard to have our milk as fresh as possible from cow to container to our customers.

Why Is There Scripture On Your Label?

Since our founding in 1987, we’ve always tried to maintain a wholesome brand image and stay true to our Christian heritage. The origin of the scripture dates back to our first days of developing a dairy in Floresville, Texas. We discovered that the barren land was full of honeybees. We chose to put Deuteronomy 26:9—a verse that refers to a “Promised Land flowing with milk and honey”—on our bottles because our farm was, quite literally, flowing with milk and honey. And yes… that verse is where we got the Promised Land name.

What Happened To My Glass Bottles?

After much consideration, we’ve decided to switch to 100% recyclable, BPA-free PET bottles. It may be surprising, but these plastic bottles are actually the best way to protect the flavor and freshness of our old-fashioned milk. They help block food odors in the fridge that alter the milk taste. They also shield from UV rays, which break down our milk’s healthy vitamins and minerals. Plus, our plastic bottles are oops-proof and easier to handle for the whole family.

Hey, What Happened To My Favorite Flavor?

Due to low sales and/or popularity, we have discontinued some flavors, such as Vivacious Vanilla, Aztec Coffee and Bunch O’ Banana. We apologize if your favorite flavor is among them. We are, however, always working on new delicious flavors and would love your suggestions. You can submit a new flavor idea at facebook.com/promisedlanddairy.

Can I Take A Tour Of Promised Land Dairy?

Unfortunately, we’re no longer offering tours (although our Jersey cows would have certainly loved to meet you). We’re busy expanding our facilities and growing production to make more delicious Promised Land milk just for you.

Why Don’t You Make Ice Cream Anymore?

While we began as an ice cream dairy, competition with national brands and high production costs forced us to discontinue production in 2004. Today, we’re focused on producing the thickest, richest, creamiest, best-tasting milk flavors we can. However, if you’re a fan of our ice cream and still want a taste, you’re in luck. Many of our milks are actually our original ice cream recipes, just in liquid form!

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