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Brownies & Cheesecake For Breakfast?!!

What kid would pass up the chance to start a school day with a delicious pastry? These Brownie Cheesecake Breakfast Tarts made with Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Milk will bring early morning smiles with a sweet brownie center, chocolate frosting and sprinkles. Inside Bru Crew Life, one of our favorite foodie blogs, helped us craft this tasty grab-and-go breakfast treat. If you need to start the morning off with something sweet, you can’t go wrong with these breakfast tarts and a glass of our Midnight Chocolate Milk.

Super Easy, Thick & Cheesy

A rich, creamy bowl of chowder can warm up even the chilliest of winter nights. This Slow Cooker Cheesy Ham Chowder involves minimal prep time and is made for a hectic weeknight. Toss in ham, corn, spices and Promised Land Whole White Milk into your slow cooker in the morning. By the time you’re home from work, there’ll be a nice, thick bowl of chowder waiting for you! Check out The Chunky Chef blog to see how it’s done.

The Best Kind Of Velvet Is Chocolate

Put a spin on a Southern classic with this smooth and delicious Chocolate Velvet Cake. This naked cake uses less buttercream, making it easier to see the cake layers peeking through the sides. This Chocolate Velvet Cake can easily be dressed up to look even better with chocolate shavings and freshly picked raspberries and blackberries. Add a cup of Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Milk into the batter to give the cake an authentic, natural chocolate flavor. Visit The First Year blog and get your chocolate on.

Calling All Cobbler Gobblers

A decadent brownie topped with pecans with a rich, fudgy sauce underneath will have you realizing cobblers aren’t just for fruit anymore. The secret to this Chocolate Cobbler is using Promised Land 2% Midnight Chocolate Milk in the brownie mix to give it a sweet, indulgent flavor your family will love. This chocolatey treat can be whipped up in no time and is perfect for a weeknight dessert. Get the full recipe at the Shugary Sweets blog.