Deuteronomy 26:9
He has brought us to this place and has given us this land, a land flowing with milk and honey.

Around here, we don’t just produce the best-tasting dairy products in all the land. We also produce it sustainably, preserving the purity and all-natural goodness inside every bottle. It’s our promise to you today—a promise that hasn’t changed since our beginning, in 1987.

Promised Land Dairy began on a small family-owned farm in Floresville, Texas with a small herd of Jersey cows—the cream of the crop as far as dairy cows go. These divine bovines were treated with a whole lot of TLC, but never any artificial hormones or antibiotics. After all, happy, healthy Jersey cows just naturally make the most heavenly tasting, nutritious milk in the world.

Today, even though we’ve grown, we’re still proud to carry on the same old-fashioned values and traditions that began more than 25 years ago. We continue to produce milk from pampered Jersey cows, sourced from only the most sustainable farms with the highest level of cow care and humane treatment. And even though these Jerseys make less milk than say, Holstein cows, which are bred to produce large amounts, our Jersey milk is naturally richer, creamier and higher in calcium and protein. We still aim for quality, not quantity.

We take an equal amount of care when it comes to processing and bottling. That’s why we don’t ultra-pasteurize—a process that heats milk at high temperatures—which sacrifices flavor for longer shelf life. Instead, we heat at a lower temperature to ensure our milk stays fresh, creamy and packed with nutrients. At our HACCP-and SQF-approved dairy, we produce daily and ship immediately so that once it’s on the shelf, it’s about as fresh from the cow as you can get (unless you own one, of course).

Each of our kosher-certified white milks and flavored milks, like Midnight Chocolate and Very Berry Strawberry, have only the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients—none of that artificial stuff—for a taste you have to try to believe. In fact, many folks claim our flavors taste like ice cream. That’s because many of our flavors are actually our original ice cream recipes, just in liquid form!

Go ahead and try some. We promise you’ll taste our tradition of all-Jersey and all-natural quality and care, in every bottle.