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Taste the Difference

When’s the last time you raved about a glass of milk? Decadent. Rich. Naturally delicious. That’s the Jersey cow difference you’ll taste in our kosher-certified no added hormones Promised Land Dairy milks and creams. It’s not your ordinary milk. It’s the indulgent flavor that just comes naturally from Promised Land Dairy’s Jersey cows. Better milk comes from better cows. Try some today.

Midnight Chocolate
Midnight Chocolate Whole Milk
Midnight Chocolate 2%
Midnight Chocolate 2% Reduced Fat Milk
Very Berry Strawberry Milk
Whole White Milk
Vitamin D Whole White Milk
2% Reduced Fat Milk
Limited Edition Holiday Nog
Limited Edition Old-Fashioned Eggnog
French Vanilla Milk
French Vanilla Milk